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TRAK Introduces Custom Glide Path Functionality

Assisting clients or plan participants in their pursuit of retirement readiness requires effective, engaging tools that empower your interactions. Visual aids are particularly effective, but they must strike the proper balance between adequate data and simplicity.  Keeping illustrations easy to understand engages the individual and expedites the retirement education process. However, oversimplifying illustrations may present unrealistic results that don’t reflect good retirement planning.

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Oversimplification often arises when illustrating a rate of return for retirement. Using a single rate of return keeps the illustration simple, understandable and interactive, but it may deliver a calculation that is too simple for retirement planning, especially for younger clients.

The newest feature of TRAK 2019, fully customizable Glide Paths, easily overcomes this problem. Glide Paths allow the rate of return to lower as a client nears retirement. This new feature, found within the Deluxe Desktop Version of the Quick Gap calculator, is easy to configure and implement. Further updates will soon add this tool to additional calculators within TRAK.

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The TRAK 2019 update arrives with three default Glide Paths: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive as shown in the grid below.

Rates of return chart

Each Glide Path can be customized with the number of years from retirement and the associated rates of return.  The Glide Path can also account for a retirement rate of return (in the absence of a retirement rate of return, an input will be displayed for the cash accounts for the input value.) A Glide Path may be associated with all Cash Balance accounts or with only selected accounts within the retirement planning tool. The feature may also be turned off to hide the prompts if desired.

At RetireReady Solutions, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to engage clients. We believe good retirement planning software helps you propel your clients toward retirement readiness. Keeping this as simple and effective as possible is our top priority. For more information, Email our support team, download a free Demo, or call 503.831.1111.

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