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Report Service for Plan Advisors

We are pleased to announce a new service for plan advisors, we will create and even distribute the personalized participant reports for advisors who would like to outsource this process.

“Advisors have found these reports to be instrumental in motivating participants, with many advisors seeing deferrals increase 2‒3 times as well as discovering additional unmanaged assets that are rolled into the plan,” said Edward Dressel, president of Retire Ready Solutions. “Many advisors have expressed interest in outsourcing report creation to us, and I am pleased to announce that we now offer this time-saving service to plan advisors.” This service is now available to all of our current customers as well as to advisors who are not using Retire Ready Solutions products.

Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing the creation of your participant education reports to Retire Ready Solutions can have some significant benefits including:

  • Faster report creation.
  • Free up advisor or support staff time to work on other projects
  • Focus more on connecting with participants and growing your business
  • Efficiently scale your business by working with more plan sponsors without hiring additional staff

How does it work?

Advisors provide census data and specify the assumptions and configurations for the reports. Then Retire Ready Solutions creates the reports, either returning them electronically to the advisor, or mailing them back to the advisor or directly to the participants.

Plan advisors using the Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) have long found these reports to be instrumental to motivating participants and helping grow the advisors business. As Michigan advisor Gerald Wernette remarks, “Our client satisfaction has gone through the roof and our average participation rate is now between 80-95%!” If you are looking for reports that will actually help you improve participant outcomes and grow your business at the same, Retire Ready Solutions can help.

We are committed to helping advisors provide engaging and meaningful education to plan participants and we are pleased to offer this service to further this mission.

Visit our plan participant report page to find out more information or contact us for details and pricing.

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