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Going Remote

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The needs we had yesterday are different than the ones we have today. COVID-19 is rattling the stock markets, shuttering schools, quashing March Madness, upending travel plans, and introducing terms like “social distancing.” The world is changing like never before.

As we collectively prepare to “hunker down,” telecommuting offers a way to remain productive without the risk of becoming infected or infecting others. Here I want to share a few options for signing into your office computer from a laptop or home PC. This can be helpful for accessing TRAK or any other software you may need as you work remotely.

For years, RetireReady Solutions has used Citrix solutions, including GoToMyPC. The solution is a little expensive, starting at $44/month for a single PC, but Citrix is currently offering a 20% discount. One advantage of using multiple Citrix solutions is that you can rely on a single vendor to fulfill many needs. For example, we use GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar (for online meetings) and GoToAssist (to log into another person’s computer with his or her permission) with two-factor authentication (2FA) for individual support calls. This gives a nearly seamless user experience for you and your clients (although they do not fully integrate as one might expect).

Remote Desktop can be a great bare-bones option if you are running Windows on both devices. It is free, but you might need help from IT to set it up, especially regarding routing through firewalls and setting up the 2FA.

Another attractive option is RemotePC. Although I’ve heard about it for years, I’ve never used it. RemotePC is competitively priced ($22 per month for the first year for up to two computer, or $52 per month for up to 10 computers). A 2018 PC Magazine review listed the solution’s pros and cons, many of which have been addressed in the latest version, such as ease of working with multiple monitors.

In trying times, we work best when we work together. We know many of you have found your success through your willingness to adapt in the face of adversity. We are grateful to be your partners in helping clients become ready for retirement. Please know that we remain committed to providing great customer service if and when you need help with TRAK.


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