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Financial Planning Software that Wins New Clients


Retire Ready Solutions strives to create the ultimate retirement planning tools that allow financial advisors to win new clients and support exiting clients. That's our reason for being, our premise of existence. We do not build software for lay-people or DIY consumers, we build best in class software tools specifically for financial advisors. This has been our primary mission for almost 30 years.

The idea of designing financial planning software that wins new clients is not new. Our TRAK desktop version has been around a very long time. It is used by many of America's biggest brands in Financial Services. Software Engineers must imagine themselves sitting in the financial advisors office. When you occupy the client's seat, the rules of design take on an entirely new perspective. Talented designers understand human psychology and visual triggers that could potentially connect them into the planning process. From the financial advisor seat, it's about being able to easily use the software tools to quickly educate and engage clients with compelling retirement analysis.

Educating clients during a planning session and keeping them engaged is easier with visually appealing software. In other words, financial advisors should not have to be super salespeople or use over inflated claims to win new retirement planning clients. You could be the world's best financial advisor with incredible presentation skills, but still losing client's because your software failed to meet their expectations. The inability to project meaningful engagement into the process of retirement planning should not be the sole responsibility of the financial advisor. When clients leave your retirement planning presentation and still must "think about it," it typically means they just need more information. Our objective as a market leader in retirement software design, is in allowing confident users the ability to deliver the most compelling analysis a prospect has ever seen. When you compare software tools, make sure they deliver easy to understand graphical displays that will engage your clients. The visually appealing display and good use of color entices clients to give you more referrals.

Retire Ready Solutions does business with large enterprise clients to very small, private, 1-person retirement practices. TRAK retirement planning software can be customized for corporate users. It may include custom cover pages, branding, specific calculators, custom disclaimers, and more.

Financial Advisors don't always get the opportunity to evaluate planning tools because the company they work with supplies planning tools selected by a compliance committee. Finding the right tools to win new more clients is not an easy task. The urgency and importance of identifying the best financial planning software that wins new clients is complicated. It takes dedication on the part of financial advisors to evaluate and determine was tools best meet their objectives. Financial advisors now must compete with online tools designed to "delete" advisors from the planning equation. The  proliferation in financial services of Robo Advisor Tools is rampant. They are essentially a web-based platform with "automated investing services that let algorithms do the work of financial advisers".............By Justin Fox @foxjust, Bloomberg View.

A retirement planning session using TRAK (The Retirement Analysis Kit) won't guarantee your clients stop using Robo Advisors, but they will be less likely. Professional retirement planning and analysis is best done via a personal relationship. The online platforms designed for consumers who prefer not meeting with a fee-based advisors is probably here to stay. It is also apparent that large financial institutions also want to interact with consumers directly. Many have their own custom branded financial planning calculators, retirement calculators, online planning advice, and financial product offerings.

The financial advisor of tomorrow will need technology that delivers what the client wants, when they want it. You don't always meet in the traditional office. Retirement planning software is evolving and adapting quickly to what advisors need to meet the client needs.

We recently released TRAK-Online, a 100% web-based version of our TRAK-Desktop retirement planning software. Currently, as of the date of this blog post, it includes our most popular: Gap Analysis, Split Annuity, and Strategic Social Security Calculators. Now the mobile financial advisor who prefers cloud-based retirement planning can engage with clients wherever he/she is connected. Grab your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

TRAK desktop is still our most popular financial planning tool with almost (20) calculators. Retirement calculators are all over the internet and most can be used without assistance from certified financial planners. At Retire Ready Solutions we believe the true essence of sound financial advice comes from professional advisors who are skilled at delivering objective retirement analysis. This can only be done with software tools carefully selected to meet today's ever so demanding clients.

See for yourself, try a free trial of TRAK today!


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