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Eight Resources to Help You Use TRAK Like a Pro


Whether you are brand new to TRAK retirement planning software or a seasoned user just trying to learn something new, we are pleased to offer a variety of support and training resources to you to help you get comfortable with the software. I want to run down all the options that are available to you.

TRAK User’s Manual

Within TRAK, on the File tab, you can find several helpful resources including the User Manual. This document is very detailed and will give you step-by-step instructions for using all of our calculators, how TRAK makes certain calculations, FAQs and other helpful topics. We have put much time and effort into this Manual and I hope that you will make it your first resource when you have a questions.

TRAK Integrated Help

To quickly access TRAK’s integrated help, my favorite support feature, press the F1 key on your keyboard while you are using TRAK. In all TRAK’s tools pressing the F1 key opens the integrated help to the section about the tool you are using. It is a great way to get detailed information very quickly about the area you are working in. It's like magic, give it a try!

TRAK-Online Integrated Help

TRAK-Online also features integrated help built right into the software. Anytime you see a blue questions mark “?” icon, clicking it will open up a brief explanation of that specific section or data field.

Online Help

The latest TRAK help can always be found in our online help source. Our support team often provide links to a specific page when users email with questions about a particular topic.

An online version of the User Manual is also available on our website.

Training Videos

We have recorded a number of training videos that cover several popular tools and configurations. We are adding new videos on an ongoing basis. These videos will give you a quick overview of using different calculators as well as creating custom retirement plans, employer files, printing and other common features.

Live Webinars

We host weekly webinar trainings for many of our most popular tools. These webinars are quite detailed and allow attendees to interact with the trainer, ask questions, and get a comprehensive view of the tool being covered. These webinars are recorded and attendees will receive a copy of the recording. Users may watch recordings of previous webinars in an online library.. Our website has the schedule of upcoming webinars.

Individual Training

We can arrange special training for you or your team. These trainings can be tailored to your needs and interests and are provided for a fee.

Technical Support

The above resources can be your first stop for information but if you are still having a technical problem after referencing the User Manual or the training videos, we are happy to help. You may email support at, or give us a call. We have a wonderful support team that is happy to answer technical questions about the software. (Please note: the support team is your resource to answer technical questions, not to provide training.)

TRAK is a great solution for educating your clients about their retirement and we are committed to helping you take full advantage of this unique software. Thank you for your business!

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