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The passing of the old year into the new gives us all a chance to reflect on the past year and to anticipate what lies ahead. Companies are not much different in this regard. Trust Builders is committed to constant improvement of our retirement planning software and as we review 2016 we are proud of the many changes and improvements over the past year. In sharing this year in review with you, we hope you will join us in celebrating a great past year as we look forward expectantly to 2017.

Company Growth

Our company has continued a multi-year growth period. We welcomed five new members to our fun team: Wesley, David, Tamera, Tyler and Steven as well as two interns Cody and Jonathan. Edward Dressel has been published and quoted as an expert source in the national media in Financial Planning Magazine, U.S. News & World Report and 401(k) Specialist Magazine.

T3 Conference booth.jpg

(Edward and Tamera at the T3 Enterprise Conference.)



TRAK, our flagship Windows software, saw many enhancements in 2016:

We added several new solutions to TRAK including the Sequence of Returns and Contribution Analysis calculators as well as the Accumulation and Distribution illustration in the Interest Calculator.

Historical Success of Retirement.png

We added the ability to illustrate auto-escalation of contributions in the Batch Processing, Gap Analysis and Quick Gap solutions.

In the Batch Processing suite of solutions we also added the ability to sort participant reports in a number of ways and ability to print the Batch Gap and Contribution Analysis reports together.

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, the Gap Analysis also had new features added for illustrating variable annuities, additional display options for the Retirement Years Grid report and additional display options for the FEGLI report.

In the Stretch IRA calculator we added the ability to illustrate an inherited IRA.



2016 was also an incredible year for TRAK-Online as we expanded its growing suite of solutions by adding the Interest Calculator, Paycheck Calculator and Batch Processing calculators…more than double the available solutions.


System Updates

On the back end, we updated the Strategic Social Security calculator in TRAK and TRAK-Online to account for changes in Social Security law. We added 20 new state and local pension plans and re-verified the plan details of over 600 existing pension plans.


Many of these new features came from your requests! As always, we welcome suggestions from our users about how to improve TRAK and make it the best retirement planning software for advisors.


We look forward to this New Year and all that it may bring and are excited about some new features on the horizon already. Keep your eyes on the blog for new product announcements!


We wish you the very best for 2017!

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